The company specializes in providing advanced equipment for protection against hydrogen sulphide and other hazardous gases and offers integrated solutions that can be tailors to meet the unique needs of your business.

Our team of experts are happy to assist you select the right equipment and provide full support for installation, training and maintenance. Rely on us and we will ensure working environment that is safe and secure.

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Control and monitoring cabin

The control cabin provides operators with a convenient and reliable way to monitor and control gas detection systems at hazardous facilities. It allows operators to respond quickly to changes in the environment, ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment.

  • Gas detection system control panel
  • Breathing air compressor
  • Stand Alone Breathing Apparatus (SABA with working capacity of 30 min)
  • Self-Contained breathing apparatus (SCBA with working capacity of 15 min)
  • Electric switchboard input voltage 110-220VAC, 50hz
  • Air conditioner / Heating devices
  • Lights
  • Safety signs
  • Tool kit

Air collection and delivery system

The 10 cylinder breathing air collection and delivery system are integrated in the control and monitoring cabin and connected to the compressor and has a filling outlet for the breathing apparatus and an outlet on the exterior panel of the control cabin for external low pressure connectors.

  • Warning system
  • Fire system
  • Work cabinet
  • Earth network
  • Breathing air quality meter
  • First aid box
  • Certified slings and container lifting loops
  • PC for conduction briefings and training on the course “Hydrogen Sulphide”
  • Consumable and etc.
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Hazardous gases detection system

The integrated hazardous gas detection system is designed to monitor toxic and flammable gases, as well as the danger of rising or falling oxygen concentrations. It provides continuous real-time data transmission and timely notification of possible threats.

The flexibility of the system allows it to operate on both battery and solar power, ensuring reliable operation even in remote and isolated locations. Our hazardous gas detection system is a reliable tool for safety and workplace protection in a variety of industries where there is a risk of hazardous gas situations.

Individual and portable detectors

Compact, portable gas detectors provide protection against weather hazards, with simple operation and simple controls that greatly reduce training time. They are fully compatible with the automatic test and calibration system.

  • Ability to detect a variety of gases with a single button
  • Water resistant
  • Light and portable
  • Simultaneous monitoring of one or more hazardous gases
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Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus

Self-contained compressed air breathing apparatus (SCBA) is designed for protection in gas hazardous environments and rescue operations.

  • protective working time 30 min
  • operating temperature range – 40 +60°С, max weight 15,9 kg.
  • gearbox flow rate max. 1000 l/min

Breathing apparatus escape set

Compressed air breathing apparatus escape set (BAES) is designed for the evacuation from hazardous areas, provides breathing air for 15 min.

It provides safe, efficient and uncomplicated evacuation from hazardous areas with minimum training of a user.

It is also designed to operate in a the polluted environment by connecting to a low-pressure airline using a quick coupler or using a 15 minute cylinder in the event of an air supply interruption from an air-locked system.

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Air compressor BAUER

The compressor is a reliable and efficient solution for high pressure applications. It is equipped with a fine filter to ensure safe filling of breathing apparatus and cascade breathing air systems. It offers high performance and reliability, providing clean, quality air for your breathing system needs

It is the ideal solution for professionals working in underwater and industrial operations where a reliable and quality source of breathing air is required.

Additional equipment

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