Our company is an official partner of leading companies specializing in the production of safety equipment for the oil and gas industry meaning that the company can offer to supply high quality equipment but also to provide reliable service.

The company as the certified laboratory that is equipped with modern equipment and highly qualified personnel, all these allows us to carry out verification and calibration of metering devices with high accuracy and reliability. The company follows international standards and requirements and ensures that the work we do fully meets the requirements of quality and reliability.

Equipment verification and calibration laboratory

Verification of metering devices is an important aspect in ensuring accuracy and reliability of industries. The company provides the verification of various metering devices such as sensors, control devices, metrological equipment and others.

Our goal is to ensure that your metering devices operate according the required standards and provide accurate results.

The certified laboratory is also available to offer advice and expertise in the field of metrology and calibration. Our experienced staff will be happy to help you understand your calibration requirements and provide recommendations to optimize your measurement processes and improve the accuracy of the results.

We know the importance of accuracy and reliability of measurements in your business. That is why if you choose SunBelt Kazakhstan LLP for additional services you will receive high quality verification and calibration of metering devices that can help you to ensure reliability and accuracy of your measurements as well as compliance with international standards and quality requirements.

The company performs verification and calibration of the following:

  • Fixed gas detection systems
  • Portable gas detection systems
  • Mobile gas detection systems
  • Gas detection systems
  • Gas alarm system
  • Detectors
  • Sensors

Сompliance with standards

Our company can offer verification and calibration of equipment in accordance with the approved methods included in the register of the state system for ensuring uniformity of measurements of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Qualified personnel

Our team of qualified specialists undergoes regular certification and improves their professional level of metrological provision.


Modern equipment and technology

The company uses advanced equipment and apply advanced technology to ensure high accuracy and compliance.


Duration of work

Our company appreciate your time and assure the prompt delivery of the verification and calibration work so that you get the results in the specified period.

Industrial equipment supply and service

Our team of qualified technicians have in-depth knowledge and experience in servicing industrial equipment and can offer a full range of services, including installation, ajestment, technical support, scheduled maintenance and repairs.

Our solution is individual approach to each customer taking into account their specific needs and requirements.

Choosing service delivered by SunBelt Kazakhstan, LLP you get both high-quality equipment and a reliable partner in supporting you at every stage of your work. We guarantee professionalism, individual approach, quick response to your needs and assistance to maintain high efficiency and safety in your operations

The company supplies and provides service of the following equipment:

  • Detector elements
  • Explosion-proof flame detectors
  • Gas detection system control panels
  • All types of gas detectors
  • EKTA gas analysis automated fixed system
  • Personal safety device S-POINT
  • Breathing air compressor
  • Thermocatalytic sensors
  • Automation control cabinets
  • Emissions Monitoring Automated Information System
  • Wireless gas detection systems
  • Mobile apps for device configuration
  • Mask gas detector
  • Sound and light warning control stations
  • Software and hardware complex control unit of gas detectors and fire automatic systems

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